Abigail Nelson

Dramatherapist/Creative Therapist
Talking about your feelings or experiences is hard, it might even feel impossible. In dramatherapy we don't have to rely on the spoken word alone. The arts can give form to the unexplainable, and to all that lives in the subconscious, so we can see it from new angles, explore it and change our relationship to it. Whether we sit and talk, or whether we use story, writing, objects, movement, art or music, in our sessions you will be given the tools to express yourself in a way that makes most sense to you.
You may want to work through a particular issue, experience or relationship or you might just want to get to know yourself better. Whatever brings you to therapy, my aim is to create an open, creative and playful space where you can feel safe and supported enough to work through the difficult stuff. 
Visit my website for more details or get in touch below to arrange a zero-obligation introduction. I have experience in working with adults with anxiety, depression, social phobias/anxiety, autism (including late diagnosis), trauma, ADHD, bi-polar disorder and personality disorders.

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