Isabel Crozier

Counsellor | Psychotherapist

I have always been profoundly curious about others and aim to foster that curiosity in my clients. I am interested in the ways that our families, culture and environment shape us and in the ways in which people create meaning in their lives. I have found again and again that counselling and psychotherapy can help people understand themselves more deeply and bring about changes which lead to more fulfilled and interesting ways of living, as well as to an improved understanding of themselves in relationship with others. I am able to work on both a short and long term basis, with a preference for longer term work. 

I trained at the University of Edinburgh and work as a psychodynamic therapist - this means that I am interested in how the past may impact on the present and in thinking collaboratively about the individual lens through which each of us views the world, how it serves us and how it may hinder us.

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