Our experienced therapists come from a range of professional backgrounds and trainings and bring a wealth of experience to their work.  They can offer support with many different issues, working both short and long term.

The approach that is right for you will depend on your individual situation and what you’re seeking from therapy. However, for most clients, the quality of the relationship between them and their therapist is what impacts most on their experience and a positive outcome.  A Quiet Room by the Shore is a place where you can talk about what’s happening in your life with someone trained to listen and support you.

Our view of counselling and psychotherapy is that you are the expert on your life.  It is our job to work with you each week, facilitating change by helping you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.  Please find out about each member of our team, their individual approaches to counselling and psychotherapy, as well as their areas of focus and expertise, by reviewing their profiles below.

All therapists at A Quiet Room by the Shore share a common passion for therapeutic work as well as a commitment to our own ongoing personal and professional development